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Cognition collects variables using cognitive tests and EEG to better understand brain aging by measuring functional connectivity of the brain.

In particular, Cognition aims to:

  • distinguish « normal » aging from aging with memory loss that could indicate development of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.
  • determine whether the cognitive performance of participants is linked to particular aging indices in the brain.

To date, more than 1500 volunteers older than 65 years have completed cognitive assessments at least once and more than 80 have undergone an examination of approximately 1h30 including:

  • additional cognitive tests,
  • EEG measurement.

What data have been collected?

Cognitive tests during the PsyCoLaus interview.

Measurement of the functional connectivity of the brain and memory by EEG, one at rest and the other « Evoked Potentials » (language test during the EEG).

Current phase

Cognition is ongoing (2009-to date). EEG measurements ended (2016-2017).

Available data are currently being analyzed.

Study team

Prof. Armin von Gunten

Prof. Armin von Gunten

Principal investigator